the kingdom of God is like…. a cold italian ice on a hot day

So yesterday I had a lot of fun.  It’s hot here.  Way too hot.  At least for me.  We’re in the midst of yet another heat spell, and high temps will be in the 90’s for another 5 or 6 days.  For me that’s too hot.  But I digress. I had to run some errands yesterday and one of them took me to the bank to make a deposit.  I’m getting to know a couple of the wonderful workers at the bank, one of which is a really kind woman who helped us open an account a few months ago.  Lately, my question in life has been, “How can I be a blessing to the people right in front of me?” Life can get very monotonous for people, and finding simple ways to be kind can open hearts and bring great smiles to folks.  So back to my story.  As I parked I noticed that there’s a Rita’s right across the parking lot from the bank, so I bought an italian ice and brought it in for my new friend (I’m not trying to toot my own horn here… good grief, it only cost 2 bucks. Not much of a sacrifice.)



I walked into her office, told her that I had brought her something and that I hoped she was having a great day, and moved on.  But here’s the thing.  A simple act of kindness that cost me almost nothing in time or resources was able to bring an incredible smile to my friend’s face, and I could simply see the wheels turning in her head as she laughed and expressed thanks.  Apparently that had never happened to her before.  I don’t do these kinds of things nearly enough.

To find simple and easy ways to be a blessing, to give a glimpse into the kingdom and let see Jesus in me- it made me wonder that if Jesus was teaching these days about God’s kingdom, he might compare it to a cold water ice on a hot summer day. A moment of refreshment- a breath of life.  Relief in the midst of discomfort.   Maybe not.  But I sure do wonder what will happen if I allow God to keep working on me to the point of changing my DNA… changing me into a person who automatically looks for opportunities to bless, to disrupt the status quo, to give a glimpse into God’s kingdom, with each person I meet.  It sounds like a great adventure to me.


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