safe places

To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed this morning by the hurt in the world, especially among those that I deeply care about.  Sometimes when I feel that way, I write.  Maybe you can join me in this prayer today.

God, give us the grace to be safe places in the world.
May I be the type of person that creates safety for others.
A place where they can laugh,
where they can cry,
where they can question,
where they can wonder.

May I be a place where others can share insecurities,
where they can share triumphs,
where they can scream and yell about all that is unfair in the world
and where they can be loved in it all.

May I be a place of refuge,
a spot where others need not work when they’re in my presence,
where they can be still, be silent, and just be.   
Make me like you, Jesus.

May I be a place where compassion flows,
whether another is deserving of it or not.
Make me a place where others need not prove themselves
in order to be loved,
a place where understanding trumps the need to be right,
a place where love casts out fear.

May I be like a mirror,
a place that reflects a love bigger than I can offer
a place that helps others glimpse the true worth they are endowed with,
a place the reveals beauty that lies underneath rough exteriors.

May I be a safe place for my family,
for my friends,
for my neighbors,
for those I lead,
for those who lead me,
and for the strangers around me.
May I be a safe place for those who share my beliefs,
and for those who do not;
for those who share my experiences,
and for those who have vastly different ones.

Make me a safe place, because You are a safe place.


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