A few thoughts on who I am…

I love my family. And I love the exciting journey we’re currently on. And seriously, my twin boys are like the two coolest humans ever. Seriously.

I’m currently discovering what it means to love my wife and be a great dad to my twin toddler boys and baby girl… It’s been the toughest, best journey of my life, and I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything in the world. It’s scary, exciting, stressful, chaotic, messy, funny, frustrating….. and it’s all beautiful.
I try to be more like Jesus today than I was yesterday, but I often still don’t get where I want to… but grace is an incredible thing, so I’m able to live in joy at the beauty and wonder and challenge of life and love. I struggle with misrepresentations of Jesus and people who think they have the right to speak for God (especially when it involves condemning others or furthering your own advancement). I think the best way to live is one of sacrifice and radical “other-loving” but I still find myself to be selfish too often. I absolutely love helping to open eyes up to how big the Kingdom of God is. I love campfires, and find that chilling with my wife on our couch with our boys crawling all over us pretending that they’re Peter Pan just might be one of the best moments that life has to offer.  I’m super passionate about creating authentic community and developing servant leaders, and we’re having a blast in this new chapter of our lives.  We moved to Delaware in July of 2011, and are leading the creation of a new church community in our hometown of Newark, Delaware.

I enjoy disc golf more than is healthy or natural.  Absolutely everything about it.   I play whenever I can, everywhere I can , and I love the disc golf community here in Newark.  One day I will play disc golf professionally.  I hope.


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